Software Test Tools Technical Expert

от 300000 руб./мес.
Опыт от 3 до 6 лет

Job Responsibilities:

  • Participate in/responsible for the test field architecture and key technology design, including use case management, API testing, performance testing, mobile testing and other cloud/mobile test tool chain architecture and key design work; Identify DFX objectives and implementation scenarios, and be responsible for the competitiveness of the architecture-related DFX attributes; Output Architecture Design documentation, responsible for schema related interface documentation.
  • Participate in/Be responsible for the field architecture care of the test; Ensure that the architecture is applied to the product on the ground, ensure that the product design and implementation complies with the architecture constraints; be responsible for architecture lifecycle management, daemon related interfaces; Make decisions on schema related changes, host architecture maintenance, Ensure the continuous evolution of the architecture.
  • Participate in/be responsible for the improvement of architectural capabilities in the field of testing; Identify key technologies that affect the competitiveness of the architecture and drive planning to land; and introduce, apply and share tools, methods, and specifications for architectural design.
    • Work Environment:

    • Salary higher than market average. We are ready to provide the best conditions to the best candidates.
    • Annual bonus, company options.
    • Medical insurance.
    • Phone expenses compensation.
      • Requirements:

      • Have 5-10+ years of experience in developing/designing cloud/mobile testing tools, familiar with programming languages such as JAVA and JS, familiar with linux/Unix operating system, and proficient in using various software development tools.
      • Have deep knowledge of test field and master one or more popular test tools and engineering methods, including test design, test strategy, UI test, API test, performance test, mobile test, etc.
      • Familiar with popular front/back-end development frameworks and middlewares, such as Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Redis, Kafka, MariaDB, MongoDB, etc.; can plan and design large-scale distributed, high-performance, secure, stable and reliable software system.
      • Successfully delivered software test tool projects, have industry influence in the test field, can often participate in software industry conferences, or have an important position in industry associations or open source organizations.
      • At least Intermediate English.
        • Тип занятости:

          Полная занятость, полный рабочий день, у работодателя

          Подпишитесь на подходящие вакансии